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Evening Worship Service June 13, 2021

We welcome you to our online worship service today.

You can search Edison Lutheran in YouTube to find all the current and past services.

You can even follow us on YouTube.

Our next Evening Worship will be June 27th at 7:00 pm


Go in Peace. Christ is with you.

And please comment below for any reflections or sharing of peace. If you have trouble leaving comments, please email the church. Please contact us to let us know what was good and helpful, and what could be improved.

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1 Comment

The sound was a bit better at the end but still not enough so that I could really appreciate it... At first I thought maybe one mic was not good but that I'd get more sound from another, but that was not the case. I know my hearing isn't the best so I'd like to know if anyone else had difficulty. I also could see the new piano but again, could barely see it and certainly couldn't see Barb (or whoever was playing). I'd like to see the video framed differently so I could see everyone participating in the music delivery if possible.

Again, I appreciate being sent the video and wish I could have heard the service... I like…

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