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Worship Service Sunday November 7, 2021, All Saints Sunday

Welcome to our online worship service today.

You can follow along in the bulletin below.

You will also find the Announcements below.

You can search Edison Lutheran in YouTube to find all the current and past services.

You can even follow us on YouTube.


I'm sorry we couldn't keep the camera steady. The wind incredibly strong.

Download Bulletin

2021.11.07 All Saints Sunday Drewes drive-in Final
Download PDF • 906KB

Go in Peace. Christ is with you.

Download Announcements

2021.11.07 announce pg
Download PDF • 420KB

(Sermon Reflection - click HERE for a work sheet that you can use to help reflect on the sermon. Also feel free to reflect on the sermon in the comment section. The comment section can help us stay connected through this time)

And please comment below for any reflections or sharing of peace. If you have trouble leaving comments, please email the church. Please contact us to let us know what was good and helpful, and what could be improved.


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1 Comment

How wonderful to have the choir sing! Listening to your message Pastor John, it seems to me that you're saying that no matter what opportunities we might have missed in the past, each time we hear God's message (ever since Jesus was teaching in the time of Lazarus), it's our opportunity to realize we are at the perfect moment to have a meaningful present. Thank you all again for this Online opportunity to listen.

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