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Worship Service Sunday June 19, 2022

Welcome to our online worship service today.

You can follow along in the bulletin below.

You will also find the Announcements below.

You can search Edison Lutheran in YouTube to find all the current and past services.

You can even follow us on YouTube.


Download Bulletin

2022.06.19 Pentecost 2 ELW 10 Final
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Go in Peace. Christ is with you.

Download Announcements

2022.6.19 announce pg
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(Sermon Reflection - click HERE for a work sheet that you can use to help reflect on the sermon. Also feel free to reflect on the sermon in the comment section. The comment section can help us stay connected through this time)

And please comment below for any reflections or sharing of peace. If you have trouble leaving comments, please email the church. Please contact us to let us know what was good and helpful, and what could be improved.


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Pastor John, I've thought often over the years about attire, appearance and identity (who hasn't?), but I think if we want to be identified as a child of God, we should be recognizable by the behavior we evidence towards others. On the other hand, we also have a responsibility to find a balance between our own personal choice of attire and that which might be offensive to others in a particular setting because if we make it difficult for others to approach us, if we make it a test of open-mindedness, then we defeat our purpose I think.

Pastor John
Pastor John
Jul 21, 2022
Replying to

Janis, I'm so late in replying to this that the topic may have run its course!

I think both points you bring up are good ones. The only thing I'd add is that it is not our self-identification as children of God that matters; only God's identification of us as God's children means anything in the end. Using the metaphor of clothing, no matter what clothes we choose to wear when we start the day, it is God who clothes us in Christ that makes us children of God.

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