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September 13th Service

We welcome you to our online worship service today.

Below you will find a link to the recording of our service,

due to the smoke we taped in the church.

You can follow along in the bulletin below.

You will also find the Announcements below.

You can search Edison Lutheran in YouTube to find all the current and past services.

You can even follow us on YouTube.


Even though our service is online-only, we will still be celebrating the communion liturgy.  If you would like to participate at home, you can use some of your own bread and wine/grape juice to commune along with us.  If you don’t have one of the elements, you can substitute something similar, or you can receive only the one element.  Alternatively, you can refrain from communion this week and receive Christ’s forgiveness simply through words; it is still just as valid!


bulletin for drive in service

09.13.20 Pentecost 15 drive-in -ELW 2
Download PD • 5.37MB

Service for September 13, 2020

Go in Peace. Christ is with you.


09.13.2020 announce pg
Download PDF • 2.24MB

Dessert Sale

Desserts that were ordered last week will be delivered next week (9-20)

Money raised from the dessert sale will now be going to

Helping Hands Food Bank of Skagit County.

This weeks dessert orders are due by Tuesday and below are the options.

Margarita Bundt Cakes, $4 each

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, $1 each

Creme Brule, $4 each

Monster Cookies, $1 each

Mini Apple Crisp, $5 each

(( Sermon Reflection - click HERE for a work sheet that you can use to help reflect on the sermon. Also feel free to reflect on the sermon in the comment section. The comment section can help us stay connected through this time ))

And please comment below for any reflections or sharing of peace. If you have trouble leaving comments, please email the church. Please contact us to let us know what was good and helpful, and what could be improved.

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1 Comment

Very inspiring Pastor John! I think BELIEVING in God & His forgiveness is not about rigidity & closing doors, but rather about acceptance & openness. If we truly believe that we are all sinners then we must also accept that with our different consciences, our sins also will be different. But our decisions that lead to our actions (which may not be agreeable to all) are all made after careful thought & deliberation;- therefore, we cannot judge others, but only work to make ourselves better people. Perhaps God made us all so different as a test, so that we might be confused and forced to turn our attention to Him for refuge...

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