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Pastor's Study: Sacraments

The sacraments of Baptism and The Lord's Supper are central to our lives of faith as Lutherans. But what exactly do we mean by "sacraments?" And why do other Christian groups have more (or less) sacraments than we do?

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Pastor John
Pastor John
05.05.2020 г.

@schweitzerjanis - I've been slow to respond to your comment because you raise so many good questions that I've needed a few days to chew on them!

First off, I want to be clear that I am not saying that salvation is only found in Lutheran churches. I, for example, heard God's promise of salvation for the first time in a Baptist church. However, I do think that the Lutheran teaching is the clearest and does the best job of getting that promise to people with a minimum of getting in the way, and the understanding of the sacraments are part of that.

That said, you are exactly right that so much about what we hear about God is outside…


So first of all, thank you for your studies & devotion to the Lutheran church & it's members. You speak with such enthusiasm & conviction;- it is inspiring. I feel that God must want all of us to reach salvation but dependent on where one is born or who one's parents are, your first introduction to religion (or absence thereof) is often not your choice. Whether we stay within that initial community or change, must be dependent on how that church's leadership & it's members affect us as individuals. How many Sacraments are there? Is a Sacrament a promise of salvation or a blessing to encourage us on our path to salvation? Is salvation the promise of everlasting…

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