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Pastor John's Leviticus Paper

This is a paper Pastor John wrote on Leviticus during his continuing education time in Fall of 2021. Since the Bible reading schedule takes us through Leviticus this week, here it is for any who are interested!

Leviticus Paper final
Download PDF • 532KB

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Going back to the time of Moses is a "far stretch" and the recorded history we have is probably derived from multiple sources with varying agendas, now interpreted and translated by still others, so I think we depend on two things, 1) interpretation from a trusted source like our Pastor, and 2) our own faith and sense of God's intent for us. As far as everything making sense to us, I've often wondered if we're supposed to be left somewhat confused so as to promote critical thinking and to continue our search for what is right. To be honest, the reference to "God's chosen people" has always bothered me because I believe God loves all people (which he created), a…

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