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Living as Dual Citizens of Heaven and Earth

As Christians, we have something of a dual citizenship. On the one hand, we have received God's promise of forgiveness and salvation, and that forms our deepest identity. On the other hand, we remain citizens of the earthly nations, families, and communities in which we live. How do these different identities relate with each other, and how do we navigate them when they appear to be at odds

with each other?

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Pastor John
Pastor John
May 11, 2020

Exactly, we are always making imperfect decisions to best serve our neighbors as God commands us. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we don't!


Thank you for your leadership on the topic of the "Shelter in Place" order & banning of large gatherings. If we believe that God has a plan to lead us to a better life, then I wonder if maybe our Online worship & staying at home, closer to family, has some positive aspects that He wants us to experience. I completely agree that our Constitution only guarantees our freedoms as long as those freedoms don't infringe upon those of others. And doesn't God command, "Love thy neighbor as thyself"? He certainly wouldn't want us to put our neighbors' health in jeopardy by gathering amid this novel virus. So I think we must accept, like many things, without understanding completel…

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