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Black Lives Matter and the Fifth Commandment

In the fifth commandment ("You shall not murder"), God prohibits us from harming our neighbors while obligating us to protect our neighbors in need. In light of current events, God commands us to do what we can to help those crying out for their lives to be valued and protected. Yes, black lives matter, and we are commanded to ensure equal protection under the law.

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Thank you for encouraging us to go beyond just thinking & awareness... just trying to at least talk about this subject with a wider audience (beyond one's best friend or friends or family) is certainly a start. For me, it's a weight removed to finally be having a nationwide discussion. Being brought up in the Roman Catholic Church, I feel one of the changes Martin Luther forwarded was a political conscience. I think it's impossible to fully love and help our neighbor without participation in the secular government that establishes & maintains the frameworks of our education, economic, & justice systems, and that when we see the need for reform in order to protect us all, we must endeavor…

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