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...and deliver us from evil... Amen.

In the last of his series on the Lord's Prayer, pastor John teaches about the why we ask God to deliver us from evil, and what it means when we say "Amen."

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And wouldn't be great if our own behaviors were such a selfless, giving, shining example of God's love, that no words would be needed... If we could all recognize our own faults by focusing on the positive actions of others!

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Pastor John
Pastor John
01 abr 2020

Absolutely! We humans are always comparing ourselves with others, and we especially like it when we find something somebody else is doing wrong that we are doing right, so that we can point it out and make ourselves appear more righteous.

On the other hand, sin is sin, and we Christians have an obligation to each other to lovingly correct each other when we err. We must always do this in the knowledge that we ourselves fall short. Correcting the sin of another must always be done purely to help the other, it must never be to highlight our own righteousness.

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Thank You for this message when we might venture to judge others for their shopping habits or lack of social distancing protocol, etc. "Forgive Us Sins..." reminds us that if we are focused on others' behavior, we need to look at our own because (I think), only a sinner could think of someone else as a sinner. And if we accept that we are all sinners & all need forgiveness, we accept, "There but for the Grace of God go I". If instead of criticizing others, we focus on our own sins, then maybe we can focus on the positive and "Do onto others as we would have them do unto us", maybe just give what we can.

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