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At the very heart of our Christian faith is the promise of the forgiveness of sins. In this video, Pastor John teaches about sin and forgiveness and how the Holy Spirit uses us Christians to set others free from their sin here and now.

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Pastor John
Pastor John

It turns out that our free will isn't quite as free as we'd like to think, because it only seems to choose sin and selfishness when left to itself. One of the miracles of scripture is that God keeps coming to us, even when we choose against God over and over again. This finally culminates in the cross, where God comes to us as a flesh-and-blood human being, and we crucify him. Then, when Jesus is raised and returns with forgiveness, it is revealed that our sin and selfishness is no match for his grace and forgiveness. And so, to keep bringing this grace and forgiveness to sinners who need it, Jesus empowers all Christians (not just ordained ministers!…


Thank you again Pastor John. It's probably easier for me to just leave comments, then let you enlighten me on how confused I am. Absolution & sin is certainly a broad topic & pretty deep philosophically! I think when God gave us free will He must have been disappointed in our weakness. I think He tried several times to lead us back onto the path of light & love, through his prophets in the Old Testament, but we kept returning to sin (the indulgence of self wants & absence of giving to others). I think He finally sent "his only Son" to suffer the cross, to die for our sins, because we just didn't want to believe. It's our …

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